Many coaches and decision-makers imagine that early hyper specialization is “the” solution to succeed. The main publications and the results obtained by R. FEDERER and S. WAWRINKA in particular, tend on the contrary to delay it.

Despite several studies on long-term development of athletes, there does not seem to be a shared collection of tennis-specific good practices. The Belgian leagues and Swiss Tennis have produced documents titled “LTAD” and “player development” while the FFT has validated its federal performance project. The West University of Timisoara proposes an expertise of the mental preparation of tennis players in Romania.

Considering the proliferation of tournaments, the reorganization of the tennis ecosystem, economic and human issues, it seems wise to investigate on the preparation methods of the players.

This project aims, firstly, to realize a collection of existing productions in the area of early hyper specialization and LTAD, an analysis of the results of the best tennis players since they are 12 years old and an evaluation protocol for early hyper specialization.

Secondly, we will confront the different conceptions and methods and the objectives pursued in the partner countries.

The analysis will lead to the development of a panel of good practices in order to preserve the physical, psychological and mental integrity of young players, but also for the optimization of training courses.

The final production will be presented at a specific symposium and will serve as a basis for the development of international coach exchanges.

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